August 02, 2017: Our lab work is highlighted on UCLA Engineering home page.

A Cleaner Water Supply Thanks to Waste Materials and Fungi. Full story here.

January 20, 2017: Trenton Saunders was awarded CASA Education Foundation Fellowship

Trenton Saunders was awarded California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) Education Foundation Fellowship and invited to present at the conference. Congratulations!

August 20, 2016: New Study Challenges Assumption of Asbestos’ Ability to Move in Soil

Our research challenges the long-held belief that asbestos fibers cannot move through soil. We found that organic matter, commonly found in stream or groundwater, can help asbestos fibers move through soil. The findings have important implications for current asbestos remediation strategies aimed at capping asbestos-laden soils to prevent human exposure of the cancer-causing material. Detail news here.

June 14, 2016: Article titled “Asbestos fiber preparation methods affect fiber toxicity” is published

Ashkan Salamatipour, the student I directly supervise at the University of Pennsylvania, published his first paper. Congratulations! His work shows that the choice of asbestos fiber preparation method (grinding) can affect the measurement of asbestos toxicity. Grinding fibers with or without water, we show that wet-grinding can lead to loss of iron—a known cause of asbestos toxicity—from asbestos fibers, thereby lowering the overall toxicity. Thus, asbestos fiber preparation method should be accounted for when comparing asbestos toxicity between the reported studies. This work is published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters (link to the article is here).

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